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1. Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions set out the rules of using Nationwide Energy Training Services Ltd. By using our website and any service which is offered by us, you accept and agree to follow and abide by following terms & conditions.

2. Terms

In these terms & Conditions we means Nationwide Energy Training Services Ltd; (NETS), you means the person or a business/contractor which purchases a place(s) for a course(s) or any other service offered by NETS at our venue or at any agreed venue.

3. Booking Places on Courses & Payments

A learner or a business can book a place directly by telephone. The fee for the course should be paid in full unless there is a signed agreement with NETS.

A provisional booking may be reserved with a premium price to be paid on the day of training. This booking will be considered as provisional and a place is not guaranteed until the full course fee has been paid. Delegates can be requested to join the course on a later date only if the places are filled on the day of training.

Discounts offered on specific venues and on specific courses are subject to change without any prior notice and are valid on the time of booking. A discount will only be offered if cleared payment for the course is received within 5 working days of the course start date, unless agreed otherwise by a Director or authorised representative of the Company.

Discounts offered are subject to the availability of the places and the payment of course fees. The discount represents registration costs and administration expenses which will be borne by NETS.

Payments are subject to change anytime and we reserve the right to change prices without any prior notice.

Payment must be made in advance of the course by cheque, credit card, debit card or BACS electronic transfer. See 3.8 below for debit card bookings.

Cheques to be made payable to Nationwide Energy Training Services Ltd. and should contain the course reference and your name on the back.

A booking will be considered provisional until the full payment has been cleared into NETS bank account. In the case of Debit Card payment there is a delay of 12 days between funds leaving your account and being placed in ours.

If a booking has been cancelled or there is a non-attendance by the delegate or business and the fee has not been paid yet then fee will be outstanding and is payable to NETS.

All our course fees include course material (electronic), reasonable refreshments, examination and certification fees. No accommodation is included unless agreed in writing with you.

A hard copy of course material is available at an extra charge, to be available on the first day of the course.

4. Rescheduling

If a candidate is unable to attend a booked course or wants to reschedule the booking then he/she can do so in writing provided that 5 clear working days’ notice is given to NETS prior to the course start date. The candidate will be offered an alternative date but will be subject to availability of the course within 6 months. An administration charge of £25.00 plus VAT will be applied for re booking the course.

If NETS has been notified less than 5 working days prior to the course start day, then a rescheduling charge of £50 plus VAT will be applied to reschedule the course booking to cover incurred costs. The booking will be subject to availability of places on the course and will be within 6 months.

If a delegate fails to attend the course without any written and confirmed agreement with NETS then no refund will be due.

In the case of non-attendance whereby the fee has not been paid then the course fee will be outstanding and is still payable to NETS.

A delegate can transfer a booking to a substitute delegate anytime but NETS should be notified as soon as possible, so that the course information can be sent to the delegate who is attending the course. An administration charge of £25.00 plus VAT will be applied.

5. Cancellations and Refunds

Delegates should give NETS a 15 working days’ notice in writing to cancel a booking.

If the place has been cancelled within 15 working days of the start date of the course then no refund will be given whatsoever.

There will be no refund if a course has been booked on an offer (Discounted Price).

If a discounted booking has been cancelled by the delegate and the fee has not been paid, then fee will be outstanding and payable to NETS.

All charges or commission charged by third parties to NETS in relation to the course will be deducted from any refunds paid.

Course cancelled in 15 working days prior the course start date will be refunded with deductions made for incurred expenses by NETS.

An agreed refund will be paid back in 15 working days or when payment from the learner has been credited to NETS’s company account.

If a course booked by a corporate client on-site or at one of our venues and has been cancelled by the corporate client then there will be no refund. If the fees have not been paid yet, then the outstanding balance is payable by the client to NETS, prior to the course date. Alternative dates may be decided at the discretion of NETS.

We provide every support to deliver the courses and if a delegate fails to successfully complete the course or reach the required standard then there will be no refund. Refer to 8.6. 8.7 and 8.8 below.

If a delegate fails to attend the course without any agreement with NETS then no refund will be given.

In the case of non-attendance if the fee has not been paid yet then the course fee will be outstanding and is payable to NETS.

If a delegate wants to cancel his/her booking and wants to transfer a booking to a substitute delegate then he/she can do so anytime but NETS should be notified as soon as possible, so that the course information can be sent to the delegate who is attending the course. An administration charge of £25.00 plus VAT will be applied for re booking the course.

6. Cancellation/delay/changing of course by NETS.

We will make our best endeavours to deliver the agreed and booked courses but in case of any unforeseen circumstances following terms and conditions will apply.

We reserve the right to change, cancel or alter any course dates or venue.

In case of any changing/cancellation or alteration the delegate will be informed in a reasonable time or as soon as possible and an alternative date or a refund will be offered.

If we change the course you will have the right to:

Book a course on an offered date or on a later date.

Book another course from us paying or receiving the difference.

Cancel the course and receiving a refund.

7. Delay or failure to provide our services

We shall not be held responsible and take no responsibility if our services do not meet your expectations when it is beyond our control, due to following reasons or other similar reasons;

An act of God or Flood

Explosion, fire or accident

War or civil disturbance

Strike, industrial action or stoppage of work

Any form of government intervention or a third party act or omission

Lack of communication by you or any incomplete information given by you regarding your address or any other personal information required by us.

8. Our Services & Commitment to You in General

All our services provided to you will be delivered directly by us or by one of our carefully chosen training partners. We take no responsibility for courses delivered by any training partner. As in such circumstances NETS will be acting as a referral company. However, we pledge that all services offered by us or through one of our recommended training partner, will be delivered in accordance with these terms & conditions in a skilful, reasonable and professional way. We will take every reasonable step to give you a stimulating learning experience with us.

If you believe we have failed to deliver our services at a satisfactory level. You can write a formal complaint and we will investigate the issue further. A response to your written complaint will be sent to you within 28 days. We will endeavour to address your complaint as soon as possible but it could take longer than 28 days to resolve any specific issue, relevant updates will be sent to you in respect of the progress of our response.

Any losses which are unforeseeable arising during the delivery of our services will be accommodated as follows:

Any losses, which are not caused by us; business or trade losses, there will be no compensation.

NETS’s liability in connection with training services will not exceed the purchase price of the services booked less any amendment charges paid to us.

NETS’s liability in relation to death or personal injury caused by our negligence, at all times, limited to the value of the services booked, excluding any amendment charges paid to us.

In certain circumstances NETS has the right to use alternate training providers. We reserve the right to change or alter or review all or any part of these terms and conditions anytime and without any prior notice. It is your responsibility to keep yourself updated and if you use our website or our services then it will be considered that you have agreed to our current terms and conditions.

We accept no responsibility to look after your belongings and it is your responsibility to look after them. We are not responsible for any losses whatsoever.

Successful completion of the curse within the advertised time frame is dependent on learners giving full co-operation with NETS and following their instructions. It is assumed by NETS that the learners are competent in numeracy, literacy and have adequate I.T. skills to keep up with course delivery.

Extra support – reasonable extra support will be given during any course to learners experiencing difficulties. If despite best efforts from NETS the course is not completed within the time frame a charge may be made by NETS for on-going support for an agreed fee paid in advance.

Failure to attend course venues on time may result in that assessment not being completed. NETS will not delay or inconvenience other learners under these circumstances. If this happens the learner may have to either undertake an unobserved assessment in their own time or complete the assessment when the property is visited by another course. If the latter is the case a charge of £50.00 plus V.A.T. will be payable for administration costs and incidental expenses.

9. Certification

NETS will claim your qualification certificate as soon as the assessors are satisfied that your portfolio meets the required standards. A confirmation email and scanned copy of your certificate(s) will be sent to you once your certificate has been received. We shall not be held liable for any delay or loss by the relevant awarding body or any other organisation. NETS have no influence on the time taken by ABBE to issue the certificate. Any query during the claiming period serves only to delay the administration process and is not encouraged.

We will use the name you have provided on your booking from, any misspelled name will be considered your fault and a duplicate certificate with an extra cost outlined on the Candidate Registration Form will be charged.

We will post your certificate by recorded first class delivery and in case of any lost in the post we will not be liable, an administration charge of £25.00 plus V.A.T. will be charged to re-claim and post the replacement certificate.

Your portfolio will be returned to you when clear of External Verification if you wish subject to an administration and packing charge of £25.00 plus V.A.T. plus the actual cost of your preferred choice of postage.

10. Examination Re-sits

In the event of failing an exam (Green Deal Advisor) or any part of exam the delegate may be allowed to sit in the relevant exam for a second time at no extra cost on the same day subject to finishing before 17.00hrs. The delegates wishing to take this opportunity must arrange with NETS to arrange an exam re-sit as no delegates are allowed to sit in the exam without prior agreed booking.

If any or a third attempt is required on a separate day (or even on the same day for third attempt) an administration cost of £25.00 plus VAT is payable before the certificate is claimed. The exam re-sits are only offered to delegates as an extra support and their costs are not included in our agreement of course booking / delivery and is at the discretion of NETS.

11. Behaviour

We expect a reasonable behaviour towards our staff and resources. If your behaviour is believed to be unacceptable or you have caused any damage to our resources then your place of the course will be terminated and you will be requested to leave the class/premises with immediate effect. We will investigate the issue further and if you are found to be at fault then no refund will be made and the course booking will be cancelled. This decision is at the total discretion of any two Directors of NETS

12. Your Information

We store your information on our database and may contact you time to time for any queries regarding your course with us. We can use this information to give you information regarding our new courses, current discount offers and offer jobs opportunities, which have been made available for you by us. If you wish to unsubscribe from receiving such information anytime you can do so by emailing us or phoning us or by writing to us at our Head Office Address.

Your personal information will not be passed onto a third party without your consent.

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

Any information stored by NETS will be treated in accordance with UK Data Protection Act.

13. Information provided by us

We try our best to provide you with accurate, fresh and updated information regarding our courses and services which are published on our website, however it is your responsibility to verify the authenticity and accuracy of the information given to you by us and we shall not be held responsible for any misrepresentation, misunderstanding or any other issue arising from it.

14. Employment

We provide a service of connecting potential jobseekers and employers. This service is entirely to provide an extra support to those people who have subscribed to our website and to give added value to your experience with NETS. We shall not be held liable for any issue arising from applying or getting jobs or any other issue thereafter and any queries shall be made directly to the specific employers.

15. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Any contract made by NETS is under the jurisdiction of English Law and English Courts.


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