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Leading provider of energy educational courses Nationwide Energy Training Services Ltd has today announced that they have achieved accreditation as a Green Deal Assessor Organisation (GDAO).

The Green Deal is a scheme that was recently introduced by the Government with the intention of improving the energy efficiency of existing homes and businesses. Nationwide Energy Training Services Ltd provides several different courses to both companies and individuals that enable them to become fully qualified Green Deal Assessors upon completion. Unlike many other training centres across the country, Nationwide Energy Training Services Ltd is an approved City and Guilds centre and as such they are able to hold the final exam in-house. This is extremely beneficial to all involved because it means that instead of having to wait sometimes as long as 6 months for an exam date, candidates can have complete qualification and certification in as little as three weeks.

With the range of products and services that the company already offers, it is easy to see that the decision to become a Green Deal Assessor Organisation was the logical next step.

The reason being is that every Green Deal Assessor now has a requirement to join a GDAO, which has responsibility for ensuring that each GDA contracted to them is fully qualified and has valid insurance and provides them with assistance in staying up to date with CPD requirements. The GDAO also carries out regular audits on the work of each GDA and on internal processes to ensure standards remain high.

However, probably the biggest change that Green Deal Assessors will notice from previous accreditation schemes is that each GDAO is able to obtain work and then issue it out to its registered assessors. The GDAO deals directly with the homeowner or business, providing them with information that includes general details about the Green Deal, what to expect during the inspection and what their options are depending on whether they are already tied to a specific Green Deal Provider.

As seen from the information above, registering with the right GDAO is a very important decision for every GDA. So whether you are already qualified as a Green Deal Assessor or planning on attending the course it’s clear that your number one choice has to be Northwest Green Deal Hub Ltd as it is perfectly placed to meet all of your needs.

As energy and climate change secretary Edward Davey recently said about the Green Deal “as the market builds and awareness of the Green Deal increases, I am confident that consumer interest will grow and grow”. Something that Nationwide Energy Training Services Ltd & Northwest Green Deal Hub Ltd has already recognised and acted upon to stay ahead of the competition.

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