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Must Ask Questions

You could tell us that you can get the course cheaper somewhere else.

That’s right, we aren’t the cheapest, but make sure you are comparing like with like; apples with apples and not apples with pears!

Satisfy yourself fully, if you are new to this industry you can easily be misled by those interested only in getting your money. You don’t know what questions to ask and what techniques are used to get you on board. Ask all of these questions before you part with your money – don’t be embarrassed;

HIDDEN COSTS – Does the cost include Awarding Body registration and Assessment fees?

The answer must be yes!

At Nationwide there are no hidden extras – look out for the small print – the final cost to you can end up being much more than you expected or can afford. You may only be made aware of this after you have committed and made your first payment.

Course fees here include all refreshments, ABBE Registration, visits to five properties – Guaranteed, not ‘if available’ and final assessment and certification.

We do get people coming to us after wasting their money this way.

Do you have ‘Direct Claim Status’?

If you train with a company not having direct claims status you can be waiting several weeks and sometimes months before you can get your certificate, they have to wait for ‘external verification’. This means lost earnings to you.

They may tell you different, but once you’ve paid, you’ve paid!

At Nationwide we have Direct Claims Status for ABBE, this allows us to claim your certificate as soon as your work has been assessed and passed, usually you will get your certificate within 10 working days of finishing the course.

Could the Course Venue change?

The course takes place on our own premises. We don’t tell you we deliver near to you then change the venue at the last minute to where it was always intended to be. Ask for a money back guarantee if that happens, if they don’t accept the risk is yours, not theirs.

SURVEYS – Are all 5 properties surveyed during the course?

It is common for providers to cover only one or two surveys during your training, leaving you to source the remainder in your own time – very often people give up! All five are done during the course and entered into your portfolio.

PORTFOLIO – Is all the work, including the Portfolio done during the course?

At Nationwide your portfolio is fully completed in the 5 days ready for immediate assessment, this means you can register with an accreditation body and start earning. Absolutely no work to do after, your work is assessed in real time and any errors you make are corrected immediately to prevent you repeating your mistakes and developing bad habits.

What if I struggle?

People learn at different speeds and in different ways. We start our delivery to you promptly at 9 o’clock, but are generally available in our class from 08.15. This allows anyone to catch up if they feel they need to so they don’t feel pressured. We will also stay behind in the evening to get you to where you need to be; no clock watchers here – our obligation is to you.

DISTANCE LEARNING – Tempted to go with a distant Learning Course? Proceed with extreme caution – you need to know this;

A common selling technique for this course is that you can do it in your own time at your own pace; you can but are you sure you will be getting the full learning experience to equip you for the work?

There is an absolute requirement from all awarding bodies for you to have a witnessed site visit before your Certificate can be claimed. Ask how these companies fulfil that requirement when you live 100 miles away.

If they don’t cover this crucial element which is to allow your assessor to satisfy him / herself you are fully competent there is a problem. You are being short changed and your qualification will be void!

So ask about the live observation, if they say it isn’t needed hang up, it is!

We are there for you throughout your 5 days, we give you our trainers’ ‘phone numbers and will take calls from you in the evening if you have a query.

Can you deliver to several people in my company and / or on my own premises?

Yes we can if we are satisfied that all administration facilities and suitable properties are available; we will not compromise our standard of delivery.

This can save your company hundreds of £s in accommodation and travel. Prices need to be negotiated for this service.

Still not convinced? – Have a look at comments from real learners on our courses at the end of this section, or better still, speak to Mike or Marian.

‘’A big thank you from me to Paul and Shaun who were quite simply brilliant guys to be trained by, the best I’ve worked with in over 39 years in business. A big thank you also to you and all the others in the office who kept us fed at lunchtimes, made sure hot water was always available for drinks and did untold amounts of marking, copying, printing and preparing our portfolios, very much appreciated, I was actually sorry to leave. I’m sure at some point in the future I’ll look to do the Green Deal course and I won’t hesitate for a moment to book that through you, regardless if I could find it cheaper or nearer to home I know the best courses available are run by the team at Nationwide Energy Training, so I look forward to seeing you all again in future.’’ Lee – Oxon

‘’Great week from day one. I thoroughly enjoyed performing live EPC’S and I feel confident I can now go out into the field filled with knowledge. Paul and Shaun have been fantastic trainers in helping and teaching the course. I would without a doubt advise people to train here.’’ Mark- Rochdale

‘’The course really has exceeded my expectations. With the extremely approachable trainers Paul and Shaun, the course was made easy to digest and understand. The live EPC’S are a fantastic way of learning to understand just how to carry out an EPC correctly. In all, this course was a 10/10 from me.’’ Nigel- London

‘’Good software used and the training was an excellent learning experience. Good trainers that explain everything well, it more than exceeded my expectations. Very impressed with Shaun who delivered a really informative course.’’ Jonathan- Bolton

‘’The course has a good relaxed atmosphere. It really did exceed my expectations. I am looking forward to the next course at Nationwide.’’ Mohammed- Bradford

‘’A well-structured and easily understood series of sections on the course. I would definitely recommend this course at Nationwide to others who are interested in the Non-Domestic course.’’ Alan- Sheffield


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