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PAS2035 Retrofit Assessor Course

Retrofitting dwellings for improved energy efficiency

PAS2035 Retrofit Assessor Course

What is PAS2035?

PAS 2035 (retrofit of domestic buildings) has been developed as part of the Each Home
Counts process and is the over-arching document in the retrofit standards framework, with
which holders of the quality mark will be required to comply when carrying out domestic
retrofit work.

When considering the government's ambition to reduce fuel poverty and carbon emissions,
it is clear that more needs to be done to improve the UK's existing housing stock. The Each
Home Counts review was established to tackle the high level of failure present in domestic
retrofit and determine a better process for the retrofit of energy efficiency and renewable
energy measures. As a result of this review PAS 2035 was introduced as the standards
framework document for the end-to-end delivery of domestic retrofit work.

The new framework provides a whole building approach to the retrofit process instead of
work being considered in isolation (which can unintentionally damage the overall building

The new approach looks at the home, environment, occupancy and the householders’
improvement objectives when determining suitable measures to install.

Overall the process introduced by PAS 2035 is designed to improve the quality of retrofit
work for domestic properties. Ensuring that funding from banks and lenders is used towards
good quality work that will actually improves the energy efficiency of housing.

Publication Date: 30 th June 2019

In 2015 the Government commissioned the Each Home Counts review to determine ways of
improving the confidence of both Government and consumers in the domestic retrofit

The 2016 report outlined 27 recommendations, including the establishment of a Quality
Mark (now named TrustMark) for domestic retrofit, supported by a framework of technical

The aims of the report were to restore confidence in consumers and government in the
retrofit industry in order to facilitate new central and local government policies, promoting a
national programme of domestic retrofit.


£ 500

Timetable of Activities

Day 1

What is PAS2035?
Retrofit Process
Risk Assessment
Heat Loss
Thermal Bridges
U-Values Overview
Heat gains in a dwelling
Moisture / Types of Damp
Historic Buildings

Day 2

Energy Reports
RdSAP to SAP Convertor
Occupancy Assessment
Condition Report
Test Case / Property Visit
Accreditation Details
Open book test
Q & A


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