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Carbon Literacy

Introduction to energy efficiency and sustainability

Carbon Literacy

During this ABC qualification we explore:

Current and potential future energy systems
What Resources are we currently using?
Extraction of fossil fuels
The Global Warming effect
End-use technologies, with emphasis on meeting regional and global energy needs in the 21st century in a sustainable manner.
How to reduce our carbon Footprint
How we can reduce energy consumption and usage at home and in the workplace
Together we will examine various renewable and conventional energy production methods, energy end-use practices and alternatives; we will make a comparison of consumption practices in different countries.

Students will learn a quantitative framework to aid in evaluation and analysis of energy technology system proposals in the context of engineering, political, social, economic, and environmental goals, all resulting in an improved general awareness in prudent use of energy, leading to a reduction of energy usage of bills at home and in the work place.


£ 479
Price Includes ABC Registration and certification.

Timetable of Activities (2 weeks Distance Learning, I Day Classroom)

Weeks 1 & 2

Induction and sign up
Access to NETS online Learning and Development portal

Classroom Day

Recap on all pre classroom learning
Group Exercises and Tasks
Invigilated Exam


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