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Junior Energy Manager

The UK will be one of the most competitive market places for energy managers’ skills in the next 5-7 years, as British businesses start to see the rise in the cost of energy as a priority. Many companies in the UK either have no energy managers in place or have outsourced energy management skillsets, and therefore have reduced ability to manage their own energy consumption. In-house skills in energy management will lead to long term savings for companies. There is a major shortage of trained energy managers and this apprenticeship will help to address the need for basic in-house energy management skills which can benefit organisation across all industries, including hospitality, leisure, retail, banking, manufacturing, construction and property.

Junior Energy Managers often work in fields such as facilities management, property or sustainability. Such broad fields offer specialised skillsets in a wide range of vocations.

Junior Energy Managers perform an essential role in supporting their company or organisation to meet energy and cost reduction objectives and targets within the context of wider sustainability commitments such as carbon and water management and corporate social responsibility. They need to be technically aware, numerate, have good communication skills and be keen to broaden and continually improve their existing knowledge of energy management core topics.

Junior Energy Managers would be expected to focus on energy assessment and measurement of energy consumption, their organisation’s technical and operational energy management issues, energy management strategy, regulatory and legal compliance, reporting and communicating on the status of their organisation’s energy performance and progress of improvements.

Energy management is itself a specialist profession and increasingly, at a senior level, energy managers undertake a key strategic role in the influencing of senior management and setting the energy policy for organisation.

Junior Energy Manager Apprenticeship standard
Junior Energy Manager Apprenticeship assessment plan

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