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Housing / Property Management

The housing/property management occupation is customer facing and primarily responsible for the creation and sustainment of successful tenancies in the private and social rented housing sectors. This work must comply with contractual, statutory and legal regulations and approved Codes of Practice.

The work is varied and often includes addressing complex people related matters (for example supporting people to live independently) as well as property related responsibilities. The role incorporates a degree of lone working with minimum supervision whilst predominantly working within the wider organisation / team, communities and external partners.

Housing and property management professionals are proactive in finding solutions to problems and identifying areas for improvement. They take individual responsibility for the quality and accuracy of their work and its administration. At Level 3 some housing/property professionals may also have supervisory responsibility for other people. The apprenticeship prepares an individual for a range of general housing/property management duties leading to operational or specialist roles.

Housing / Property Management Apprenticeship standard
Housing / Property Management Apprenticeship assessment plan

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